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Assinck makes 4″, 5″ and 6″ diameter troughing idlers and return rollers, all made from heavy No.10 gauge seamless tube. The ends are formed to provide a pressed fit on the Sealed-for-Life ball bearing. The bearing is pressed onto a specially machined shaft and held in place by a retainer ring. The bearing is further protected by a double lip neoprene seal that is pressed into the formed end disc to prevent sand and water particles from entering the bearing area.

  • New improved dust flanges also installed to protect and seal
  • The shaft is prevented from rotating in the mounting bracket by a double slot
  • The extra heavy frames on all sizes, has die formed channel type end brackets supported on a heavy duty angle base
  • The return rollers have the same features as the carrier rollers
  • End rolls are tilted 20 degrees or 35 degrees to provide the carrying capacity you need for your particular material handling job
  • Assinck troughing idlers and return rollers meet CEMA Class C for medium duty applications
  • Assinck rollers and frames are also sold separately

Longer Life:

  • The machined shafts prevent end movement of rollers
  • The larger shafts take heavier loads
  • The double lip neoprene seals prevent moisture and dirt from entering the bearings
  • The retainer ring prevents bearings from moving after assembly

Idler Diagram

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