Land Transfer Conveyors

When you define the term “Bulk material handling”, Assinck does it better than anyone in the industry, with our land transfer conveyors. It’s a proven fact that land transfer conveyors give produces the least cost per ton for moving large amounts of material over long distances. These land transfers start as short as 200′ to as long as you need. Ask your Assinck rep to calculate a return on investment (ROI): Conveyor vs. Haul Truck and see for yourself; how Assinck can lower your cost per ton. All land transfer conveyors are custom designed to best suit your needs.


Optional Features

Catwalks – Having access to your land transfer conveyor is essential for maintenance purposes; especially when the conveyor is elevated. Ask you Assinck rep for more detail on how we can customize your new conveyor with walkways, staircases and more.

Belt Scale – Assinck works with the world leaders in belt scales. Depending on your application with your new Radial Stacker, having a belt scale to confirm tonnages is a viable option.

Hot Dip Galvanizing – If you want to protect your new Assinck Radial Stacker for the years ahead, you consider our hot dip galvanizing option to safe guard your investment against corrosion.

Special Electrical Upgrades – When it comes to electrical components, Assinck works with the best in the industry. You can have your new stacker outfitted with soft starters, VFDs, start-up alarms, and other electrical upgrades. Ask your Assinck rep on how we can customize the electrical system to best suit your operation.

Speed Sensors – If your new Assinck Radial Stacker will be integrated into a complex portable or stationary arrangement, installing speed sensors onto your equipment is vital to ensure that everything is working in sync. Assinck works with the industry’s best when it comes to speed sensor technology. We are able to offer a wide range of speed sensors that will best suit your needs.

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