Drum Conveyor Pulleys of 12″ diameter and larger are formed in custom-designed crowning rolls by a cold forming process that increases the strength of the steel. Rims are formed in one-piece construction. This perfected construction technique also permits the use of internal discs, greatly reducing radical deformation and longitudinal deflection in the rim. Available in standard and heavy duty construction in sizes 12″ through 60″ 0.D. and 12″ through 63″ face width.

Assinck’s Drum Pulleys are rolled in specially designed plate rolls with crown built into the rolls. With our design, you receive a uniformly crowned conveyor pulley, each time you order.

  • Full depth submerged arc welds with hubs welded to end disc on both sides
  • Popular styles of tapered compressing hubs available
  • Engineered pulleys available for special applications

Assinck’s Lagged Drum Conveyor Pulleys contain black rubber lagging without fabric, bonded directly to the pulley rim by the vulcanizing process. This lagging serves primarily to increase the tractive capacity of drive pulleys and to provide improved resistance to abrasive conditions on both drive and non-drive pulleys. Our drum pulleys are furnished with smooth surface, or with grooving in herringbone or other patterns. They are available in various fabrics and material.

Wing Pulleys

Assinck’s Wing Type Conveyor Pulleys provide automatic self-cleaning action, discharging foreign material to the side of the conveyor as the pulley rotates. The strong watertight double cone design features individual gussets welded continuously to each wing and hub for longer life. Individual wing construction reduces belt misalignment and belt wear because it cuts down material build-up between belt and pulley. Each wing is also welded to a thick wall tube which extends from hub to hub, supporting the wings and minimizing metal fatigue. Available in sizes 10″ through 36″ O.D. and 12″ through 66″ face width. Also available with AR-400 bars for extended pulley life.


  • Full length pipe welds
  • Jig welded for uniform wing spacing and concentricity
  • Crown face
  • Popular styles of tapered compression hubs are in stock
  • Specially designed engineered pulleys are offered
  • Full round face bars for extra pulley life and smooth belt to pulley contact.


Assinck Limited has recognized a demand in the marketplace for reduction in cost per ton in operating costs. Our clients have reported to us that it’s a very common practice to “re-build” OR “Hard Surface” the wing pulley tops/ bars. Taking this into careful consideration, we have designed and developed a new stronger, more wear-resistant design. This new design encompasses thicker wings, with AR400 plated tops/ bars. This will ensure that your investment in an Assinck heavy duty AR400 wing pulley will not require regular “re-builds”. Depending on their applications, they will outlast the competition up to four times longer!

  • Thicker wing.
  • Full Tubular Design for structural integrity
  • AR400 plated tups/ bars for up to four times longer life than conventional design (depending on applications)
  • Standard sizes always in stock ready to ship, custom sizes available upon request
  • Emergency orders welcomed
  • All pulleys come standard with hubs and bushings
  • Shafts and bearings can be provided

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